2 Jan 2013

Best of 2012

 It's a bit of a cliche to do this at this time of year I know but of the thousands of photos I have taken in 2012 I have selected seven as my absolute favourites .It wasn't easy but I narrowed it down to the photos below.My reasons for selecting them are:-

The photo of my identical twin grandaughters ,Scarlett and Poppy ,has to feature as it is so full of fun and the joys of life.I have a big print of this and it is superb.

The image in the subway in New York just says "New York" to me and the incredible diversity, tolerance ,vibrancy and eccentricity of the city. If I had to pick one favourite photo from the year it would be a tough call but this would be it.

The photo of the two Porsches at the Le Mans Classic coming under the Dunlop bridge in the rain is a standout from the many car photos I took as it really reflects the atmosphere of that sunny/rainy weekend back in July.

The black and white shot of Phoebe ,one of our himalayan cats is one of the first photos I took with my newly acquired vintage Hasselblad and marks my return to film photography.It is so like Phoebe -- half asleep but still watching and I love the tones of the Tri-X film and the very limited depth of field which is so characteristic of a longer lens on a medium format camera.

A wide-eyed shot of our other himalayan,Zoe,taken back in January .This shot is rather sad as Zoe had to have one of those beautiful eyes removed after she developed a severe infection in it back in August. She is still gorgeous but one eyed gorgeous now .

The photo taken on the west coast of N Island NZ just captures the  atmosphere of the region for me.

And finally the black and white shot of the Luxembourg Palace in Paris  a subject I have photographed many times but this shot just clicks with me.

The Le Mans photo was taken on my very faithful Canon G9 using a Canon tele-extender - which works surprisingly well .Apart from the Hasselblad photo the others were all taken on my Leica X1.

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  1. Absolutely fantastic pictures, John. 2012 was a good year for you. :)