1 Dec 2012

Vintage Hasselblad/Modern film

A real change of pace and subject here.A switch to seriously slow photography mode with some local shots taken recently with the vintage Hasselblad and some vintage lenses on Kodak Portra 400 colour negative film.It does have a Porsche connection.I sold a set of Porsche wheels and track tyres and used the proceeds to buy the Hasselblad gear.Fast wheels into slow gear so to speak.
The first shows an oyster farmer's derelict boat on the shore of Brisbane Waters on the Central Coast of NSW taken with a vintage Zeiss 50mm Distagon.Vintage lenses like this one are no match for today's superb computer designed,high tech glass,high tech coated,colour corrected wonders yet they do give a wonderful vintage look.
I distinctly recollect the time I spent setting up the camera on the tripod, measuring the light with the lightmeter and pressing the release for this photo.More satisfying than a quick digital photo.And taking square photos is still a novelty.
The second photo I love.It was taken in a coastal national park just 15 mins drive from home and it just says "Australian bush" to me -a tangle of gum trees ,spikey plants and grasses and dead wood.The last two photos were taken in the same location.The second photo was taken with a vintage 80mm Zeiss Planar lens and the last two with a more modern 150mm Zeiss Sonnar lens using an extension tube.
Hasselblad lenses each have a built in Compur shutter so trains of gears and springs have to jump to attention and play their part when you press the shutter release.Despite their age mine seem to all be working correctly as the images are perfectly exposed or maybe the film has a lot of exposure latitude.
Kodak may be bankrupt but their Portra film is just wonderful-let's hope they continue to make it for as long as I want to buy it.


  1. Beautiful pictures! You are right about the lenses and the film - they actually make for a perfect combination with these subjects.

  2. Wonderful, especially that second one.