8 Dec 2012

A sense of perspective

I stopped reading forums on the internet many months ago and I stopped looking at tumblrs about 6 months ago .When they first came out I thought tumblrs were great -- all those cool photos gathered together in this clever,convenient format- but the novelty rapidly wore off and now I see them as a total waste of time.I decided that the compilers of the tumblrs are really passive gatherers using other people's creativity where they really should be out taking their own photos.
I notice in the readership metrics on my blog that quite a few photos from The Rolling Road appear in tumblrs.This is perhaps flattering but also somewhat irritating.They should take their own photos.

I find that most -but not all-forums are utter drivel,particularly photographic forums.They are filled with comments ,often unfriendly or critical comments, from highly opinionated and ignorant people or people who just have to say something when they should be out taking photos or kicking a ball with their children or taking the dog for a walk.
This aggressive negativity( trolls are even worse) has even spread to the comments after interesting posts on well respected blogs.In recent months one well known photography blogger has resorted to imploring that comments are sensible.Fat chance.

Reading most of the photo forums you would get the impression that if you do not have the absolute latest piece of camera gear there is no hope of you taking a decent photo.
To put things into perspective the photo below was taken in the rain at Le Mans last year on my Canon G9 which I bought off eBay for $350 .A camera which is now a 6/7 year old design and which fits -just -into my pocket.I'd be hard pressed to do better even with the latest wondertoy.
Regular readers of TRR will wonder why I did not use my Leica X1.Well it was raining hard and if a camera was going to get wet I preferred it to be the really cheap one.
Canon G9 photo -jpeg file .

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