25 Nov 2012

Hot German cars

Had a choice of car events this weekend.Historic racing at Eastern Creek Sydney on both Saturday and Sunday or Porsche breakfast and MB Club German Car Day in Newcastle on Sunday .Weather forecast for both days was hot and for my N hemisphere readers this means 30ºC-36ºC - say 91ºF-96ºF. Eat your hearts out.
I decided that Eastern Creek in the heat would be just too much and then made the wrong call to go upto Newcastle in the 2.2 911 whereas I could have easily have taken the 2.7 which has pretty effective aircon .Not sure what I was thinking.I just love driving the 2.2 long nose I guess.
The trip up was OK. Plenty of warm air getting through the car but it was bearable.The breakfast was great .Good turnout in a great venue -thanks Craig. But the car display was torture. The display area is in a natural bowl with no shade .It was like an oven.
I did not hang around to see if I had won a prize so all that polishing was wasted.By 12.30 Warren in his Targa and I were heading south and it was 90 mins of the hottest driving I have ever experienced .There was plenty of air coming into the car but it was very hot air.The road was hot ,the car was very hot and the sun was blasting through the windows.I nearly stopped at Wyong Hospital for a saline drip.The car ran well until we were caught in a beach traffic crawl approaching Terrigal and it then started to show some tantrums-spitting and losing idle but I made it home ok and a swimming pool and a cold beer have never looked so inviting.
Some photos from the day .Canon G9 photos.

The badge was on Crag Duthie's 1973 911E when it was imported from Hong Kong . It was in poor condition so he had the badge restored and the restorers ( in the US) have done a superb job of re-enammeling it.

Apart from the Porsches and the Kombis and a few beetles( the lowered rat look and patina are very fashionable for old beetles) many of the cars at the German Day are pretty boring.One modern Mercedes or Audi alone is boring but lots of them in a field are really boring .And would you believe some people collect Mercedes Benz buses? Each to his own I guess but that is seriously nerdy in my book .

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  1. I know the feeling John... EC was damned hot. We were helping guys in the tasman push their cars into shade, and get water during a break in proceedings