22 Oct 2012

Portra .It isn't Kodachrome but....

Playing around with my first colour film through the Hasselblad.I used Kodak Portra 400 colour negative film and I like the results .I am using  lenses here which have been around some considerable time and they don't have the fancy modern coatings so all the expert advice is that they are not great with colour but I'm impressed.
Portra isn't Kodachrome but it is ISO 400 and seems to have plenty of latitude,fine grain and great colours and unlike the late Kodachrome it can be processed in a minilab (if you can still find one).According to the Kodak technical literature it is optimised for scanning and I found it easy to scan compared to old colour negatives .
Not great photos but just testing.I am going to do more shooting with Portra -I hope that it stays around awhile and doesn't disappear like so many other Kodak films.

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