25 Oct 2012

Porsche 917 fanboy

Oh to own a Porsche 917.There are only a few in private hands but fortunately some of the owners do race them including at the Le Mans Classic so you can still see them in action.The cost of racing a 917 today just does not bear thinking about but good on the owners for doing so.The noise alone is just wonderful and you can hear it in the Porsche Museum if you can't make the LMC.
I have just been reading -Porsche 917 -The undercover story by Gordon Wingrove . It is a great insight into this extraordinary racing car.I bought the book some time ago but have only just got around to reading it.
I also own Porsche 917x17 -a photo book by Jeff Zwart which records details of all the remaining 17(of 25) 917s.It is a superb piece of work- a trifecta for me-a superb photography book about Porsche and the greatest Porsche of them all the 917.
Yes, I am a very committed 917 fanboy.
Some of my 917 photos from the 2008,2010 and 2012 Le Mans Classics and the Porsche Museum.Leica X1 and Canon G9 photos.
And I am told that the Porsche Museum is sending some cars out to the Australian Phillip Island Historics in February next year.Here's hoping that there is a 917 amongst them .I'll be there...There will never be another racing car like the 917 so see one if you can.

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