20 Oct 2012

It's a Peugeot

Ok, it was very obscure but there are some serious car experts amongst TRR readers so there was no point in making it easy and as it was some suggestions were close .It's a Darl'mat body on a 1953 Peugeot 203.An unlikely candidate for such an unusual body but Monsieur Darl'mat - yes that really was his name- specialised in bespoke bodies for Peugeots see Darl'mat and this was just one of his creations.It must have been unbearably hot in the cabin on a sunny day and the puny power output of a 203 would have hardly tested the aerodynamics.Still it's nice to see that such an oddity is still around and in an unrestored condition .
Thanks to those who emailed me with suggestions/guesses -most guessed that it was French but no one got it right.
Photographed at the 2012 Le Mans Classic on a Leica X1.

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