2 Oct 2012

Anything for a laugh

I love Kookaburras.They are the quintessential Australian birds.Their laugh is just wonderful-except when there is a troupe of them practicing it  about 30 mins before dawn as happens many days around here.It's kookaburra central here and I often have one sitting on the fence or the phone wires when I am gardening ready to snatch up any small lizards or worms I disturb.This afternoon one particularly curious and fat specimen decided to sit on the balcony just looking at me and the cats .I ran and fetched my trusty old Canon G9 -- it was just too far away for the fixed lens Leica--and the kookaburra allowed me to creep very close to him/her.Of course the battery in the Canon was flat -sod's law in action-but I fired off a few quick frames before the battery died.
Canon G9 jpeg processed in LR4.

1 comment:

  1. A lovely bird. We have a large redheaded woodpecker that has discovered his reflection in our large windows (which are mirrored so folk can't see in during the day, though it's like living in a fish bowl at night) in the great room. He comes every day and fights and scolds and sings angrily at the woodpecker that is mocking him. I always loved to see these big birds come to the suet I hang out but this is the first one who has been too dumb to know it is just a reflection. I'm pretty sure the other birds are sitting in the trees snickering.