20 Sep 2012

Goodbye New York

Last Saturday morning in New York-from the hotel window ,on the subway,at the Union Square Farmer's Market,and at Big Nick's pizza shop on Broadway.
New York is always the most amazing city.The then newly formed UN put its HQ there in 1946 because they considered it the capital of the world and despite everything that has happened since it still is .It certainly retains its position as my favourite city- just ahead of Paris .
It's good to be back home and at the iMac where I can edit RAW files in Lightroom 4.The Blogger iPad app has been very useful for the past 5 weeks on the road but it is limited to basic processing of JPEG  files and it limits the image size you can put onto the blog .
I am particularly pleased with these last pictures I took on the trip .Travelling and using just one camera with one fixed lens, the X1,has been so much easier than switching lenses and using different cameras.No decisions to take and juggling lenses .And the X1 is a class act .It is so straightforward to use--very simple menus-no video nonsense- and the image quality is superb .It may be the whipping boy for all the web camera forum"experts" and techno geeks but it takes superb photos when you master it and that's all that I expect a camera to do.

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  1. These are awesome pictures, John. And I know what you mean about using a fixed lens camera. Any versatility lost is somehow compensated for by the lack of decisions to make. You just learn to know what your camera can and can't do and work within the limits. The inability to take certain types of pictures just leads you to naturally discover more of the ones you can without worrying about it. The truth is, I'm not much on changing lenses anyhow so it works out well. I love these pics.