29 Aug 2012

Boring,very boring .

Went to the Avis depot in suburban Montreal this morning to pick up the rental car for the trip into the US.Disappointed to see that apart from a Fiat 500 all the rest were really dreary GM cars.Mine was a Chevrolet Impala in beige .Really boring . GM's answer to the Toyota Camry but worse. I could not believe it .Plastic wood veneer on the dash, velour seat covering and steering so light my initial reaction was that it had come apart.Who buys cars like this nowadays? Answer -going by the Avis yard and the amount of stock in Chevrolet dealers I pass - no one .
When GM went into Chapter 11 and was bailed out by the US taxpayer (well actually the Chinese govt who bought the US treasury bonds ) back in 2009 everything was supposed to change .It was "the new GM".Well nothing seems to have changed.Same crappy cars and trucks.Same discounting and desperate"buy it now and save,save,save"advertising everywhere.I hope the Chinese have deep pockets.Oh yes,I forgot the great white hope - the Chevrolet Volt-75 kms range on a full battery charge.Are you guys serious?
Anyway the crappy Impala has transported me to Binghampton,NY via Syracuse .More later.

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