10 Aug 2012

A special place

I love the Luxembourg Gardens in Paris -the grand Luxembourg Palace, seat of the French Senate ,the lake with the model yachts ,the boules players ,the apiary,the tennis courts ,even the vintage open pissoir for the boules players,the gardens themselves and of course the setting in one of the most prestigous districts of Paris- the 6th arrondissement.
I'd like to spend the (European) summer in my grand apartment on Rue Auguste Comte overlooking the gardens from the southside.This would be after my big lottery win.
I have taken many photos of the Luxembourg Palace over the years including some just a month ago and this is one of my favourites.Taken with my faithful Canon G9 ($350 on eBay) which I will swap for a Leica M9 and a full set of lenses after the lottery win.

1 comment:

  1. John, I don't think you could have taken a better picture with any camera. The little G9 has served you beautifully here - this is gorgeous.