28 Aug 2012

A special place -2

As I am travelling in Canada/US the car/Porsche content of the blog  has fallen away so here's an atmospheric shot from the Le Mans Classic back in July just to rebalance the ledger .
 For me there is something very special about Le Mans and I sense it most as dusk falls and the lights come on and the cars race into the gloom in front of the stands which empty out as spectators go to eat or ride on the funfair or move to different vantage points.It is many elements combined--the history,the unique smell (hot oil and rubber, and barbecue smoke) and the nature of the track and the fact that it is sports cars and the spectators are real enthusiasts.("Formula one for kids,sports cars for men"-Michelle Alboreto).The unique atmosphere is always there even for the Classic.Photo at 10.00pm 2012 Classic .Leica X1.

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