2 Jul 2012

Six hours in Paris

I flew into Paris this morning arriving at 6.30 after an even longer flight than usual due to a 7 hour stopover in Hong Kong.The hotel in Monparnasse very kindly let me check in at 8.30 am which was a great relief.After a long shower I was out on the streets of Paris on a beautiful day .I have set myself new strict rules on photography on this trip.Slow photography principles apply so I am pretending to be using film so wasted shots are to be kept to a minimum.I tried to get 10 shots which encapsulate my take on Paris on a beautiful sunny Sunday .Here they are .All Leica X1 images.As I don't have any processing software on my ipad these are JPEGS straight out of the camera and the blogger ipad app does not allow you to post bigger images.Sorry.Why did the nun cross the road?To get to Heaven.

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