10 Jul 2012

Reflections on the Le Mans Classic

Plenty of images from the Le Mans Classic to post but need to be back in Aus to sort them out.In the meantime just a few more.The rear end shot shows a Lola T70 chased by a couple of Porsche 917s and a Corvette going through Tetra Rouge and onto the Mulsanne Straight at full bore.A magnificent sight which has convinced me that I've seen the best of motor racing and that coming all the way around the world to see hybrid cars racing at Le Mans in the 24 hour race-even if some are Porsches -will not be a spectacle I will enjoy .So sadly I fear that I feel that this may well have been my last visit to Le Mans after so many visits over the last 40 years.By way of explanation I feel that the Classic this year was too big and too popular and the intimate,friendly atmosphere of the earlier years has gone.Like the Goodwood Festival of Speed it has become a victim of its own success and commercial interests,particularly from the car manufacturers,are becoming too intrusive.This happens with so many events.Why does "big money"have to come and screw everything up?
Seems like I will be back at the Australian Philip Island Historics in 2013 .It may well be a case of "au revoir mon ami Le Mans".
Canon G9 photos.

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