17 Jul 2012

Photo of the day-Cobra at Le Mans Classic

A great photo of a Cobra at speed during the night at this year's Le Mans Classic taken by Peter de Rousset-Hall .As he explains " I note on your blog that you didn't want to carry too much weight to Le Mans .This was taken with a Canon1D mk IV with a 400mm f2.8 lens and 1.4 teleconverter on a Wimberley gimbal tripod head. Only concession to weight saving was the Carbon Fibre tripod.Not sure that you can get a rig any heavier than this - but at least I don't have to spend too much time in my gym in order to keep fit!  The good news was that our AC's were parked close to the track so did not have to lug it too far."
Peter does not explain how he manged to fit his gear into his AC.I went to Le Mans in 2002 with a friend in his Cobra replica with similar gear -except that it was a Canon film SLR- and I had to fit the camera bag under my knees for the whole trip from the UK as there was barely any luggage space in the car as the spare wheel takes up nearly all the boot  (trunk).
I guess that this great shot proves that really serious gear does deliver but at a cost .The weight of Peter's gear would have been more than my total hand luggage allowance.

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