30 Jul 2012

Beautiful-Lotus 49

Saw a head on shot of Alonso's German GP winning Ferrari last week. Poor old Enzo Ferrari must be spinning in his grave .Ferraris were always so beautiful-- both the road and race cars.But not any longer.That F1 car is so ugly.
Anyway as a reminder of what we have lost two superb shots by Peter de Rousset-Hall of the Lotus 49 in action at this year's Goodwood Festival Of Speed a few weeks back.And this is the very car which won the 1967 Dutch Grand Prix at Zandvoort driven by Jim Clark on it first ever outing  .
Not only have we lost beautiful racing cars we have lost the Dutch Grand Prix and Zandvoort and what do we have instead ?-the Bahrain Grand Prix and the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix.And coming soon the Moscow Grand Prix.
Photos on Canon 1D.Yes ,good gear shows . How's your back Peter?

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  1. Gorgeous pictures you have shared here. There is something special about classic open wheel race cars. I remember watching Indy races on tv on Saturday afternoons growing up, and F1 when there was US coverage. Your enthusiasm is contagious. I need to find out what is on tv here these days and come up to speed (no pun intended) on the history of this sport.