14 Jun 2012


It's the Le Mans 24 hours this weekend .I won't be there but I am going to the Le Mans Classic in 4 weeks time.After last year's thriller of a race this year's was always set to be an anticlimax and this was turned into a definite when Peugeot withdrew earlier in the year see PARTY POOPER. Early indications from the first practice session confirm that this year's race will be a race between Audis.
Toyota's new hybrid car has made a surprisingly strong showing in practice seeing that it has seen little track time .After spending the equivalent of the GDP of a reasonable sized African country on formula one over nine years and achieving very little for it I am surprised to see Toyota ever going near a race track again but good on them and I wish them luck.
The folks at Aston Martin have changed their medication back to the old pills and returned to their rightful place in the GTE categories after last year's farcical effort at competing at the front of the field. See Aston Madness.Aston did not take my advice and put the Aston Martin One in a museum and to be fair they obviously wanted to bury it .They did in fact sell ( (give?) the monocoque tub to another team's project and I believe that it is racing this weekend.A form of advanced recycling which proves that even the most useless rubbish can be useful to someone.
The Porsche presence is again small and limited to the GTE categories . It is sad to see Porsche's effort so diminished .I know that they are coming back big time in 2014 but that is still a long time away and true believers ,like myself,are frustrated by their lack of commitment to an event which has been so important to their brand in the past .
If you want to follow this year's race there is a live continuous radio stream from Radio Le Mans ( in English) on Radio Le Mans .Enjoy.

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