19 Jun 2012

Le Mans 2012 Results

As expected the result was another Audi whitewash taking all the podium positions which makes their record 8 wins in 9 years.The hybrid Toyotas showed great speed in the early stages and even lead the race but accidents eliminated them.
The first two positions were taken by Audi's hybrid cars .To develop this technology and get it to this position in its first year is an amazing achievement.Such a pity that we were denied an opportunity to see what Peugeot's hybrid car would do.

The very weird Delta wing experimental car driven by Batman,Robin and Wonder Woman was eliminated in an accident .See Delta wing

Sadly the few Porsches in the GTE classes failed to shine being vanquished by Ferraris and Corvettes.The first Porsche home was 21st.Oh,unhappy days and a far cry from the days when the Le Mans organisers were worried by the predominance of Porsches in the field .

After three spectacular frightening and very similar high speed accidents in two years involving front runners and Ferraris being driven by amateur drivers the organisers must be wondering whether the speed/skill differentials between the classes need to be addressed .Even more worrying is the propensity for the fastest cars to flip over and fly as soon as they are turned or turn sharply sideways. The canard fins legislated in the rules in 2011 were supposed to minimise this but they do not appear to work .See Toyota Crash

For detailed results see Results

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