27 Jun 2012

Film rediscovered

Regular readers of TRR may know that a few weeks ago I sold some spare Porsche wheels and splashed out and bought a Hasselblad medium format film camera and lenses because
-I have always wanted one since I was a small boy in short trousers (a long time ago) and could not afford one until now when they have become really affordable because there are only a few people as mad as me and my UK friends who want them.
- I felt that "wham bam" industrial scale "snapping" aka digital photography was losing its appeal for me.
Well my recent trip to Germany disrupted my experiments with the 'Blad but now I have the first photos to show and I am delighted with the results.I have only taken three rolls ( 36 shots) so far and really I have been feeling my way with a very strange camera, a lightmeter and the long forgotten thought processes of slow photography.It is strange,it is slow and yet it is satisfying in a way that digital photography is not. And silver film has a "look" that it is very difficult to capture with a digital camera .Having said that the photos were processed by a commercial lab as my embrace of slow photography does not yet extend to processing the film at home (and I gave all my processing gear away years ago) and I scanned the negs in and processed them in Lightroom 4 so really it is hybrid photography -50% analogue (film) and 50% digital.
The photos were taken on Kodak Tri-X film.

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