8 May 2012


A friend has just purchased a new cream Mini diesel which she is very excited about .It reminds me of my first car,purchased in 1968,which was a Austin Mini Traveller(a Mini station wagon - basically a Mini van with windows and bits of wood screwed on the outside) in Old English White-a sort of cream .It was a mere 850cc and it was tiny and it was slow and it was well used when I bought it in 1968.I came across this doppelganger(apart from the LHD)totally restored example at the Great British Car Welcome at St Saturnin at Le Mans 2011.If you are visiting the Le Mans 24 hour race next month you have to go to St Saturnin a few kms to the N of Le Mans on the Friday before the race. It is literally a French village fair for old cars and it is just wonderful.
Looking at the Mini Traveller today I just cannot believe we travelled long distances in such a tiny car.Times and expectations have changed .


  1. we drive it every week , and is family's property since 1970.
    it was manufactured in 1968.
    it was photographed in 2010 because in 2011
    I Came with my austin healey !

    it's a good suprise to see it on the web!

    friendly yours
    the French owner

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