3 May 2012


Regular followers of this blog will know that I have been a passionate advocate of compact cameras and minimal gear . In fact in the last few months I have been selling off all my Canon film gear including the lenses because I knew that I would never be using them again .And I sold most of my Leica gear back in 2008.
Today I flipped and went out and bought myself a great big heavy camera and a couple of very heavy lenses . Even worse it is a film camera.
What's happened ? Well I've always had a yearning to own a Hasselblad - see recent post. And friend Roger over in the UK prompted by my post went and found himself a tidy 'Blad for a good price a couple of days ago.This really set me thinking and searching the internet I found that I could buy a very nice 'Blad here in Sydney for very little money . So I gave into temptation and bought the outfit. This is a real camera with lenses which feel as if they were forged in a German steelworks .It is not a pathetic little computer in a tiny black plastic box masquarading as a camera.This is photography on an industrial scale . And it is that slow to operate that it calls for a really contemplative approach to taking a picture .A totally different sort of photography to digital image capturing.
Now I have to find some film-- via the internet- and hopefully soon I will be able to feature some photos taken with a Swedish camera through German lenses on film.
Watch this space.


  1. LOL... you certainly have. Hope you have a nice heavy tripod to mount that bad boy on!
    I'm betting you picked this up on Victoria Rd and paid $200 for the body $150 for the film holder and the lenses he threw in cause the rest had been sitting there for for long. ;)

    What's next!? You'll be getting the enlarger out of storage.

  2. So will you be lugging this around Classic Lemans then John? If you are, I hope its not as hot as 2010.