19 May 2012


 Whenever I go for my early morning exercise walk I see a hardy group go ocean swimming from Terrigal Beach at dawn.Mostly they are seniors .Apparently there are those who swim nearly very day of the year , come rain or shine,and it takes a heavy sea to stop them.In the last few weeks it has been very cold at dawn ( well very cold by Terrigal standards) although  the sea is still unusually warm and they still turn out. There is one man who has been taking his bracing swim in the dark every morning for 40 years. They seem to have no fear of early morning sharks feeding and they swim a fair distance.Good on them.
We are having the driest May since 1850 after a very wet and cool summer . It has not rained for over 21 days and the days are gloriously warm after cold nights.It needs to rain soon as our water tanks are running low and the garden is gasping
Photograph taken earlier this week on a loan Fuji X100.
I am not about to become an X100 fanboy like so many others.Too many options, functions and too many buttons for me and after having had real Leicas for so many years I find the faux Leica retro styling just too "twee".

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