23 Apr 2012


This hibiscus bush in my front garden is the scene of the most terrifying experience of my life.Last saturday morning I was doing some weeding pulling grass out from the bottom of the bush .I was wearing stout gardening gloves.I must have touched a medium sized ( more than half a metre) eastern brown snake which was hiding at the base of the bush .It which slithered out right past my gloved hand and off into the neighbouring grass -left of picture.
The eastern brown snake is considered to be the second most venomous snake in the world . See Eastern Brown Snake .I was extraordinarily lucky it did not bite me-I was wearing a short sleeved shirt and had bare arms.
I was shaking like a leaf afterwards and I smelt of fear.I ran and found a spade but the snake had gone .Gardening will never be the same again.
A few weeks ago I found a very small snake coming under the front door and as the grandchildren were with me I did not kill it on the spot instead I moved it with a spade .I suspect the two snakes were related .

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