21 Apr 2012


So this weekend's Bahrain F1 Grand Prix is going ahead.Disgusting.I did not expect anything different from the appalling Bernie Ecclestone. Why should something as piffling as serious human rights abuses get in the way of making the next few million dollars anyway? But I did expect better from Jean Todt ,the head of the FIA .I once sat next to Jean Todt at a sumptuous Peugeot dinner at the Palace of Versailles. He seemed a very pleasant ,reasonable guy but that was a long time ago.All those years at Ferrari must have made him very politically astute and hardened him.
Shame on all the F1 teams for turning up and particularly Australian Mark Webber who previously took a strong line about not racing in Bahrain.
Shame on you all and shame on the US for tolerating the Bahrain regime's abuses because it is a strategic US naval base .That's what's called hypocrisy Hillary.
What next ? The Syrian Grand Prix -" sorry about the small crowds but we shot the population".Or maybe the North Korean Grand Prix ?Huge crowds of very emaciated spectators ordered to attend many of whom won't haven't seen a car yet alone a racing car before.

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