29 Apr 2012


Just spent some time yesterday checking out the spare tyre and tools etc on both cars .I read recently that only 10% of classic Porsches have a tool kit and even then most of those are not complete .Not sure how the author arrived at this statistic -he probably just made it up-but it is probably in the ball park.Tool kits just disappear over the years and replacing them now is well nigh on impossible.Complete tool kits rarely come up for sale anywhere and even single tools are hard to find.
My 1971 2.2 did not even have a tool roll when I found it.I now have a tool roll for it but still no tools .On the other hand my 1977 2.7 has the original spacesaver tyre which still holds pressure as well as the original compressor, the handbook and service record,jack and a nearly complete tool kit .It is actually complete but one large spanner(18/19) and the interchangeable screwdriver handle are not original.Anyone out there able to help?

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