8 Apr 2012


The death of Ferdinand (Butzi) Porsche last week at the age of 76 depletes the ranks of the icons of the motor industry.By my reckoning only Ferdinand Piech,Chairman of VW Group, and Charles Morgan Chairman/CEO of Morgan Cars remain -all the rest of the iconic car giants have gone .Dr Porsche was the genius responsible for Porsche's iconic products and in particular the 911.Every Porsche enthusiast owes him a big debt of gratitude.
Ferdinand Porsche followed his father's and grandfather's design principles.He preferred lightness and simplicity to bulk and complexity .We do not know what he thought of today's overengineered ,overspecified,overweight and overcomplex Porsches .I hope that he died peacefully of old age and not of shock at finding the latest 991 has electric power steering and an interior which took design cues from a turkish brothel.Or perhaps he saw an Australian retail price list .

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