6 Apr 2012


Selling my beautiful 70-200mm lens and then posting some of the many images taken with it has been difficult as it has reminded me of what I could do with a big ,serious camera with a wide selection of lenses -- long and wide angle.Indeed a regular follower of the blog even emailed me and suggested that I made a mistake not persisting with my big gear .
So to balance the ledger I pulled up some of the images I took back in 2010 in Cambodia with my little Canon G7 -the predecessor to my Canon G9. Now all the gearheads who follow the photography forums are obsessed with the latest cameras -- indeed for them the gear is more important than the photos-- and they would instantly dismiss the G7 as a very outdated,inadequate little camera and not something a serious photographer would use .But take a look at these three shots-JPEGs straight out of the camera.The benefits of the little,easy to carry G7 on a trip to a very hot ,steamy place like Cambodia are immense where even carrying a light backpack with just a bottle of water,a rainjacket, a wallet and a small camera quickly becomes very tiring . OK, I do lose a lot in terms of not having big long lenses and wide angles but at least I always have my camera with me and a bag full of the best camera gear in the world is no use if it spends much of the time in a hotel room .With the G7 I lock it on the lowest possible ISO,set it on P program and take big files .I reckon the little G7 ( which you can pick s/h up for a song nowadays) gives a pretty impressive account of itself.

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