8 Mar 2012


I really enjoyed competing at Speed on Tweed in 2009.I missed 2010 as I was overseas and it did not take place last year .I was hoping that it would be on again in 2012  but time seems to be running out with no dates or details forthcoming as far as I can see. It is (was?) a really great event with a sprint course around the streets of Murwillumbah in N NSW and it will be a pity if it has crashed and burned.It had a great atmosphere , the track was excellent and they had a great entry list of classic cars.

The 2009 event was the last time I put on my race suit and crash helmet .As it is a long drive upto Murwillumbah I had to use road tyres for the event as the track tyres would have been worn out before I got there and as you can see from the photos below my car's suspension is not set up for the track but I managed to keep the car off the walls and scramble round the track in a respectable time.

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