13 Mar 2012


It's the Australian Grand Prix this Sunday and I won't be there .I attended every Australian Grand Prix of the current series from 1984 to 2006 and then I stopped. I totally lost interest because the racing was boring and the whole event had become a money grabbing circus and this was bought home to me when I found that in 2006 I could fly to Paris hire a car ,see the Le Mans 24 hour race ( staying at a B&B near the track at Le Mans ) for just $400 more than it cost me to fly to Melbourne , spend 4 nights in an overpriced hotel ( the minimum stay package) and pay a ridiculous ticket price to see a very boring race which barely lasted two hours.
Here's photograph of a BRM from an era when the F1 cars were interesting and so were the drivers. And also a photo of me with a driver who was never boring -James Hunt .


  1. I hear you and good for your discipline. It's the same way I feel about pro sports in the U.S. -- a money grabbing circus with the added kicker that owners threaten to move the team if they don't get a new stadium at taxpayer expense. Really enjoy your photos (especially Porsche). Some photo info (camera. lens) would be nice, s/Former 911S driver

  2. Love the shot you as well as the interesting car, no vanilla there (although that beer looks a bit suspicious ;-)
    Although, dunno why you are fretting about that formula thing, isn't formula that what they feed babies? What does Formula have to do with racing. Although in all seriousness, indeed, overpriced, oversafe, overproduced, overhyped, over-too-quickly pretty soon becomes just plain OVER ... stick a fork in it already ...