19 Mar 2012


Came home yesterday after a Porsche drive ready to to jump in the pool and noticed two very large female funnelweb spiders on the bottom .On Thursday we found a large female funnelweb on the bottom. All three were gingerly extracted( they can survive on air on bubbles on their legs underwater ).I keep finding them around the place .A bit of a worry .
To non Australian readers the funnelweb is one of the world's most venemous spiders.The female is the most dangerous .They are angry ,aggresive and dangerous.Not a nice combination.There is an anti-venom but you don't want to hang around looking for it if you are bitten.
Sorry about the bad photo of the two I pulled out of the pool but it gives you an idea of their size.
Just found another one in the garage .Time for some research .

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