12 Feb 2012


Took the 2.2  to St Albans down the Wiseman's Ferry Road on Thursday to meet a friend for lunch.It's 240 kms for the round trip from Terrigal including four river crossings by ferry .It's one of my favourite Porsche driving roads with 200 kms of switchbacks,fast bends, slow bends, steep ascents,steep descents,farmland,bush and national parks and usually very little traffic .It's not a good place to have an accident -where is- and to drive it quickly you need to be really concentrating and to get stuck into it .

When I left Terrigal it was a beautiful day and at the bottom of Mangrove Mountain it was still fine as the shot above shows.
When I reached Spencer a storm had appeared and the skies opened up and it was torrential for the next two hours.The demisting system leaves a bit to be desired especially after you have waited for the ferry with the engine switched off .
By the time I drove home the rain had stopped but the road was drying but was still damp and very greasy in patches particularly under trees.I kept up a fair pace but I did feel the tail slip sliding away a fair bit and I had my work cut out to catch one slide when I entered one bend just a little too quickly .An early 911 driven quickly on a winding,damp road .Good for sharpening the reflexes .

Leica X-1 photos.

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