25 Feb 2012


 Bokeh is a Japanese word referring to the quality, amount and shape of blur in a photograph .Bokeh has been around since the invention of photography but the application of the Japanese word to describe it (outside Japan) is recent .Now the term bokeh is appearing everywhere in photography forums and websites as a new generation of photographers bought up on digital cameras with small sensors and slow/small aperture lenses capturing images which are pinsharp from foreground to infinity suddenly discover it .The latest fast lenses and bigger sensor cameras are making the generation of bokeh easier and it has become very fashionable. And if you can't stretch to a fast lens/big sensor camera there is even a software program which allows you to artificially add contrived and not totally convincing bokeh to your images.
Just a little bokeh in this image -a line of puppets waiting patiently in a line in a backstreet workshop ,Ubud, Bali ,Indonesia.Leica M6, 90 mm lens on Fuji Reala film.

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