16 Feb 2012


The March edition of UK Octane magazine has a story about Richard Charlesworth who is the VIP Manager for Bentley cars responsible for contact with their VIP customers. I am sure that Richard is a nice man but personally I find all the VIP talk more than a bit pretentious nowadays when the majority of the cars sold by Bentley along with their former stablemate Rolls Royce go to the nouveau riche and trolls .
In the article he is quoted as saying "we're not too keen on outlandishness....".
Well I am sure he would not be visiting the owner of this Bentley seen on the eastside in NYC. How about those very low profile tyres and those cheap alloys and the red calipers ? One can hazard a guess at the occupation of the driver ...he's not an interior designer I'm sure. I hope that he knows a good dentist because those tyres on New York's potholes will soon loosen his fillings.

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