28 Feb 2012


An "awesome" 911S is very close to being finished at Autowerks in Charmhaven,NSW .It has been a very long gestation -- probably close to three years .The bill does not bear thinking about .This car seems to have everything .It does look as if no expense has been spared .See photos of motor on TOO GOOD TO RUN.
Not mine -sadly- but hopefully there will be a full set of photos to show in coming weeks when it steps out into the daylight.

What is it about silver and early long nose 911s? Silver seems to make them look even more appealing. I know about viper green and tangerine but silver somehow seems special . See my car below .Whenever I park it on the street people come and talk to me about it and to say how gorgeous it looks .On the other hand I am tired of all the modern cars in silver (yes I know I have one of those as well ) particularly Porsches -all models. It seems to be the default car colour here in Australia .

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