7 Jan 2012


How sad to see Kodak about to declare bankrupcy . Kodak was an American icon-a wonderful, blue chip company . Kodak brought photography to the masses .It made many brilliant products including the Vest Pocket Kodak , the Brownie Box camera, the Instamatic , Tri-X film and of course Kodachrome (see Kodachrome).
Kodak was a world leader in imaging science . It employed thousands of technicians and scientists .For many people Kodak was photography . Much of the visual history of the 20th century was recorded on Kodak products . Kodak was also a leader in medical  x-ray imaging . Its product range was enormous -from lens tissues to film processing machines . Kodak was an ethical company which produced consistently very high quality products . It was also, ironically , a pioneer in digital photography.

Kodak employed thousands in factories across the world and it was totally commited to silver based ( analogue) photography .There now are all the armchair experts sounding forth on the internet that Kodak should have"adapted" .They have been reading too many lightweight management books purchased at airport newsstands . Saying that Kodak could have adapted and changed its business model is like saying that the Japanese should have fled to higher ground when they saw the tsunami coming .They didn't have time and neither did Kodak . It's sad,very sad.

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