3 Jan 2012


Back in 1992 some article piqued my interest to try some infra red photography . I bought an infra red filter for one of my Leica lenses and a 36 casssette of Kodak High Speed Infrared Film and then never used it.I found it last year. I cannot remember why I never used it - perhaps I just ran out of time or interest or was daunted by the handling instructions on the film box that stated that the film had to be handled in total darkness including opening the can and loading and unloading the camera .

Then in 2004 friend Roger Putnam mentioned that the Digilux 1 camera he had just sold me took good infra red photos .I tried the infra red filter I had purchased 12 years earlier and miracle of miracles it fitted the Digilux 1 but I still never got around to taking an infra red photo .
Most digital cameras have sensors which have built in filters to filter out infra red ( google it to read why)and so they are not really usable for infra red photography but for some reason the Digilux 1's sensor is different .
Anyway it does take infra red photos and I just took one ( at last) but I cannot  match the superb infra red shot below taken by Roger with the Digilux of the Amalfi coast in Italy .This has really spurred me on to try some infra red lanscapes/seascapes when I go to Tasmania next week .Watch this space -- hopefully .

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