11 Dec 2011


I took the 1971 911 for its annual registration safety check last Wednesday and it failed. A rear light was not working. It had been working when I did a check on the previous Monday so I was annoyed and perplexed .

I brought the car home and spent a good 2 hours checking every possible cause of the problem -connectors , fuses , globes,contacts - all the usual suspects .To no avail .Digging deep into the wiring of a 40 year old car is not for the feint hearted .There are remnants of the wiring for long gone sound and security systems as well as rewiring for a changed electronic ignition module and an inertia switch.I even found a spade terminal dangling in the engine bay with no obvious partner and when I applied power to it one of the reversing lights came on but the reversing lights were operating normally anyway. Best not to wonder about things like that for too long.

In the end I gave up looking and after a struggle to reconnect one of the connectors ( thank you Warren for literally giving me a hand) I "hotwired" the rogue light or as I would prefer to put it I did a "workaround" - a new lead off the connector for the non working light connector to the connector for the working light - a few cable ties and it looked pretty neat and it passed the rego check the next day . I would still like to find the cause of the problem though .

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