27 Nov 2011


I'm not at all into model cars but the German model manufacturer ,CMC, has just introduced a  model of the 1957 Ferrari race transporter -see
Owning the model would be more convenient and a lot cheaper than owning the real thing as the genuine article is a bit large for most garages.It has been totally restored and is now privately owned .It was at the 2010 Le Mans Classic where I photographed it .Also I've found a superb vintage photo of it in the paddock at Spa for the Belgian Grand Prix in 1960(?).
Apart from the garage problem to really enjoy your Ferrari transporter you need a few classic Ferraris to fill it which will really strain the budget .

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  1. Great series, the model looks lovely, but good to stay away from too many things that need dusting in the garage, sometimes it is not about the cars, but then, well, it is all about the cars ;-)