15 Nov 2011


Two days -two Porsche shops .Monday- Autowerks in Charmhaven a taxi run for Brett so that he could pick up his 68 swb 911 after yet more work . Today,Tuesday, in Sydney at Cavacos- just a social visit to say "hi "to Carlos as I was passing. And there was this absolutely beautiful lhd 356 Continental in the shop .The first that I had ever seen .Cavacos looks just like a classic garage -- I've tried to crop it to leave out the two moderns but it unbalances the shot. .Canon G9 photos.


  1. absolutely great shots. love the white 356 contrast to the grays of shop floor as well as black butts of the moderns, loved the shop lights giving the light from the center, reminds me of all the dutch masters 'chiaroscuro'

  2. just a lovely shot - I think i need a new wallpaper on my PC and may have just found it.

    996 or 356? What a terribly difficult choice.