12 Aug 2011


I caught up with an old friend yesterday who has this 1987 ,97000 km Jaguar XJS . It is pristine .Probably better than when it left the factory but it feels preserved not restored. An absolute time warp .
The XJS has never been a car I have liked - I find the styling clumsy -the packaging is very poor -- the engine bay is a mechanic's nightmare -- and it was beset with quality and reliability problems- and it was such a let down after the absolutely stunning E-type.Nonetheless now I can appreciate the silky smooth V12 engine and the peculiar English charm of the car .The fact that this particular XJS cost about 30% of what an equivalent age/condition Porsche 911 would cost says that the market agrees with me .
I drove up the 155 kms to see him in my 1977 2.7 911 which I'd take anyday over three XJS's but each to his own.I may have roared up there and back but I still prefer that to wafting along.

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