29 Jul 2011


Why is this man wearing a crash helmet running beside this strange Kawasaki motorcycle engined sports car in a small French village ?
Because he's Mr Reverse . The car has a motorcycle gearbox with no reverse gear so to do a three point turn Mr Reverse has to get out and push the car backwards !

With a total lack of any form of weather protection - even a windscreen - yet alone safety equipment or luggage space as well as lacking reverse this is probably not the ideal vehicle to take your wife/girlfriend/mistress to the Le Mans 24 hours .And yes the car and this crew are English and both male.


  1. btw, know if this is a total custom jobbie, or is there a kit? it actually looks the business for a lark, just the ting if you are going to give up two-wheeled riding, not wanting to sidecar it, but unwilling to to give up open air driving ... and take a significnat other along for a 'sunny weather' tour ...

  2. The car consists of a motorcycle gearbox without any reverse units so to accomplish a three point turn Mr Reverse needs to acquire out
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