2 Jul 2011

LE MANS 2014 -Porsche returns

Porsche have announced that they are returning to Le Mans in 2014 with a works team with the objective of winning!

Great .

Here is the translation of the press release issued by Porsche.
Porsche back to Le Mans in 2014
The factory Porsche will return to Le Mans with an LM P1 prototype at Le Mans. The first participation in a race this new car is scheduled for 2014. Porsche with their 16 victories, are the most successful manufacturer at Le Mans, the last being the success of the 911 GT1 in 1998.
"Motor sport has always been an integral part of the Porsche marque, said Matthias Mueller, CEO of Porsche AG. For us it was a matter of time before making our return to the most important starting line in motor racing world. The success of Porsche at Le Mans remains unmatched. We want to add a 17th victory! "
With the RS Spyder prototype, Penske Racing competed the United States from 2006 to 2008 and then to 2010 by many other customer teams around the world and not without success, Porsche demonstrated the quality of their work in LM P2 . "With the RS Spyder, we proved that the engineers of our competition department in Weissach remained at the top level," says Wolfgang Hatz, head research and development of Porsche AG. "Using the DFI fuel injection for the first time in competition engines using high engine speeds has proven its effectiveness. Recently, with the 911 GT3 R Hybrid we again demonstrated the qualities of an entirely new propulsion technology, adapted to racing, while implementing a significant reduction in fuel consumption."
Head of Porsche Motorsport Hartmut Kristen is determined to meet the challenge of a complex research programme:"We look forward to meeting the challenge of developing new technologies and thus to build the future on the successes gained by the Porsche RS Spyder. Technologically, we kept at the forefront of basic research in sports-prototype. Now, we will begin a detailed assessment to identify different technological alternatives for our new car. This will obviously depend on the development of technical regulations in 2014. These regulations are attractive to us because the integration of hybrid technologies in the concept of a prototype racing is one of the options."
The first Porsche to win Le Mans 24 Hours was by Hans Herrmann and Richard Attwood in 1970 with the legendary 917. The 16th and most recent was the fact that Laurent Aiello, Stephane Ortelli and Allan McNish in 1998 with the 911 GT1.

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