24 Jul 2011


A stitched panorama of 5 images of the paddock at the 2011 Le Mans . In fact the photo only shows half the paddock . There is another area the same size beyond the massive Audi facility in the centre of the paddock . Imagine the complexities of moving all these motor homes and transporters into place and setting it all up . And the chaos as they all pull out after the race .
There is also a tyre paddock out of picture to the left which is as big as the main paddock . It is full of the tyre manufacturer's trucks and motorhomes . The support races also have their own paddocks on the outside of the track . The Le Mans 24 hours is a big gig .

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  1. and just off to the right, outside of the frame (see fella with big snozz in way, is Sterling Moss in his lovely little classic porsche racer ...