28 May 2011


Brett's newly restored swb 69 911 has been plagued with carburation tuning issues for the last three months . It has almost been there but never quite and yesterday afternoon was more of the same as yet another visit to the local Porsche whisperer still did not totally resolve the issue.
Last weekend I diagnosed a bad earth connection as the cause of a reluctant starter and based on this succesful outcome and displaying a misplaced faith in my mechanical abilities Brett bought the car round to my raceshop aka as my garage late this morning and using some basic notes as guidance we gave the carbies a light touch up .A quick squirt around the block suggested that it may be fixed --which sounds unlikely given the story so far but stranger things have happened . A few days of regular driving is now needed to see if it really is fixed for all driving conditions and to ensure that it does not foul a plug in heavy traffic. It started to rain just as we finished -but early 911's do look good in the wet .

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