21 May 2011


Copacabana ,or Copa as it is known to the locals ,on the Central Coast of NSW is a quiet beachside settlement with, as you would expect from its name, a beautiful surfing beach . It has a small row of shops on the beachfront esplanade including, until a couple of weeks ago a little wine bar called Fubar which offered a great selection of reasonably priced wines by the glass and which also served wonderful draught Coopers Pale Ale .
Fellow local Porsche enthusiast Brett and myself had developed the practice of giving our Porsches a run and safely parking outside Fubar and enjoying a few drinks on a Friday evening at beer o'clock . Then to our horror and the surprise of the locals , because it was well patronised ,overnight it was no more .The bank had closed it down.Now we don't have an acceptable substitute.We tried the nearby cafe but the beer is rubbish and Brett says the wine is worse .It ain't always the lucky country .
Of course Fubar is a military acronym for "F****d up beyond all repair" . They obviously had great foresight when they chose it !


  1. damn! nothing like losing a good drinking/hangout spot!! but then, might this be turned into an opportunity instead ? you could always pick it up and see about continuing yourself (with a more sympathetic bank), after all, you know the business model is sound ...

  2. Hi John, Good news - just received a flyer form the new haunt welcoming us to a wine tasting on friday 3rd to help them expand their selection.
    Clearly they took the suggestions on board!