6 May 2011


I went to the Australian VIP launch of the McLaren MP4-12C supercar at the Museum Of Contemporary Art in Sydney yesterday evening thanks to the importer , Trivett Classic .The car may have a silly name ( is it the world's first car model with a part number as a name ?) but it is a very impressive example of high performance automotive engineering -a supercar for the ipad generation.  I am sure Bruce McLaren would have been proud of it .

It certainly was a long way both in distance and in style from where I first saw Bruce wheeling out his latest sports car at Brands Hatch in 1968 see

The event was super swish proving that McLaren may be the new kid on the block as far as big time car manufacturers are concerned but they have hit the ground running both with the product and also with the marketing .The paint and overall finish on the display car was superb and the presentation by McLaren's regional man ,Ian Gorsuch,was just right .

The French champagne--is there any other sort- flowed freely ( sadly not for this driver) and the finger food was supercar standard. And if you tired of looking at the car or did not find it curvy enough there were other attractions .

Sadly my sports car tastes are financially limited to cars that smell of oil and mouldy carpet not bonded carbonfibre and microchips and my old Porsches already fill my garage so my order and half a million dollar cheque won't be in the post but thanks to Trivett and McLaren for an interesting evening.

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