21 May 2011


Toyota came tantalisingly close to winning Le Mans in 1998 and 1999 knocking off Porsche and Mercedes in doing so .Although they came home second both years they had the pace but were let down by reliability but to finish first first you have to finish and then that is true of all races not just Le Mans .
 Back in 1989 when I took this photo in the paddock at Le Mans Toyota Motor Sport (TOMS) was just into its stride .They had a very impressive driver line up for their three car team including some of the drivers from the victorious 1988 TWR Jaguar team but all failed to finish .
This photo is another example of the laid back paddock atmosphere which used to prevail even at the highest level of motor sport . I took this photo with a Leica M6 rangefinder camera  so it was not snatched on the sly .No security guards and minders with clip boards and PR busy bodies .They just did not mind ."Want to have a look? -please ,be our guest.And thank you for your interest."
Happy days .

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