2 Apr 2011


Just a small section of one of my garage walls . Some good stuff collected over many years here in just this little section.The number plates from my 1996 Targa Tasmania Mini Cooper S entry, a vintage Porsche calendar,Le Mans posters, giant Porsche posters from Grand Prix International -a wonderful magazine long gone .A bar drinks list from the Excelsior Hotel,Macau,1984 Macau Grand Prix, entry passes from events all over the world,amazing cutaway drawings (a fast disappearing art form), stickers,tools and lots more. And there's more on the other walls .It's a pity that over the years I threw so much away .It seemed commonplace or even just junk at the time . Now it is very collectable .Still on balance I did manage to keep some good stuff --but it could have been even better .

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