26 Apr 2011

LE MANS 2011?

Well actually Le Mans 2009.The victorious Peugeot team line up in formation coming out of Tetra Rouge and onto the Mulsanne Straight for their final lap .The Peugeot 908's  finished first and second with an Audi third .They missed out badly in 2010 when they had the pace but not the reliability .They will be very anxious to see the above scene repeated on June12th this year.Audi and Aston Martin will have other ideas .A Canon G7 photo.

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  1. great memories ... amazing cars and race, the Astons are incredible and wish them well this year ... amazing story on that third Peugeot, after that absurdly preventable pit accident the beast seemed virtually entirely rebuilt from parts to get on the track again, to finish at all is a testament ... will be interesting to see what Audi does ... and will miss corvettes in gt, made a glorious noise thundering by, slowly in comparison ...