15 Apr 2011


Japan is having a tough time right now .Let's all hope that it manages a speedy recovery for their sakes and ours. We need a strong and vibrant Japan .They make so many good things in Japan and they make them well -usually very well as opposed to China where quality is so often a dirty word and so many of their products are second rate .We are the mugs for accepting them just because they are cheap .
I am extremely surprised at the rate unknown brands of Chinese cars and pickups are selling here in Australia .Consumers are being tempted in solely on price because there is no market place experience of how they perform in terms of durability and reliability. The quality is an unknown .I hope it does not end in tears for these early adopters but the portents are not good .The Chinese do not have a quality culture and they are experts at "quality creep" where quality starts "adequate" at product introduction but slowly slides as costs are cut in the product life cycle .

I am lucky that my last visit to Japan was in May last year and I managed to get some great street photos . Here are a few as a reminder of what a wonderful, interesting and unique place Japan is .

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